PDF plugin

Add functionality to either drag and drop a PDF file from disk or from URL or use the the "pen" in the context menu. The
PDF will be uploaded in a configured (in the backend) S3 bucket and a NewsItem will be created for the PDF.

Plugin configuration

    "id": "io.infomaker.pdf",
    "name": "im-pdf",
    "url": "https://plugins.writer.infomaker.io/v1/infomaker/im-pdf/{PLUGIN_VERSION}/index.js",
    "style": "https://plugins.writer.infomaker.io/v1/infomaker/im-pdf/{PLUGIN_VERSION}/style.css",
    "enabled": true,
    "mandatory": false,
    "data": {
        "enableUseOfAnnotationTools": false


Property Type Required Description
enableUseOfAnnotationTools Boolean false Enable annotations for input field, default value is false


In the article, the plugin will add the following xml block under newsItem > contentSet > inlineXML > idf > group:

<object id="MjIxLDE1LDgxLDE0Mw" uuid="a59569be-8551-5d7f-b9c8-a3ead58043cc" type="x-im/pdf">
        <link rel="self" type="x-im/pdf" uri="im://pdf/8kgljturK6VjXqKEXGm8xIfHfA0.pdf" uuid="a59569be-8551-5d7f-b9c8-a3ead58043cc">
                <text>Lorem ipsum</text>
                <title>Lorem ipsum</title>